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(1)* US 8-Ball-US pool Rules Played with Numbered Balls
(2)* Euro 8-BallEuropean pool Rules played with Plain Balls
(3)*9-Ball-Pool Played With The Balls Racked In A Diamond
(4)*Snooker- Snooker Played With Fifteen Reds
(5)*Mini Snooker-Snooker Played With 10 Reds
(6)*Killer-aA Ball or Lose a Life! Great For Many Players
(7)*Speed Ball-clear The Table As Fast as Possible

What Differs CueClub From Other Billiard Simulators is The Dense Atmosphere Of a Club: Smoke, Dim, Chat with Virtual Clubbers – Guys of Very Different Tempers, Healthy Choice Of Games, & variety of Tournaments. In General, Everything to Make you a Habitue.

You can play UK 8 Ball, EURO 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Snooker, Killer & Speed Ball Games

CueClub's Idea, Interface & Graphics are Realistic & at Their Best. Details Like The Illumination of The Table, Shadows & Reflections off Balls Look Very Natural. Everything what can Be changed & Adjusted In a Real Game can Be Done Here.
you are welcome to Choose Cues of your Length-weight preferences as well as Alternative Ball patterns & Crazy Table's Baizes. Tune Disco Lights, Table Lamps, Ball Reflections & Smoke, Add Special & Music Effects & a Billiard Room will Turn Into your Favorite Billiard Room. Clinking & Soft Rumbling of Rolling Balls Sound Amusingly Natural & pleasant.
You can play Alone or With your Friend, practice & participate In Tournaments. Set of Rules for Every Game can Undergo Substantial Changes. Whims are Indulged & Encouraged Here
Balls Dynamics Is Also Simulated so to produce The Most Realistic Impression. Everything to provide accurate Newtonian physics is Taken Into Account. Cushion Speed, Table speed, cue control, The way to chalk cue are set In the options Section. & we Determine power &Direction Top, Down, Etc. for Every Single Hit. So, Side, top, Back spin & swerve can ALL Be applied.

That is why I Have Nothing to say about the "Unique Virtual Chat Rooms", Except That it sounds Really attractive From what I Read in a Clubbers Guide. The Guide Itself is Really Good & Helpful. Along With The program Description (Part I), There provided some Techniques From Bosses, With Illustrations, (Part III) How to Pot Balls Accurately &consistently. Even if you Never played Billiard Before, Read The Rules of the Games (Part IV) & it'll Be Enough To try. Part II covers & Laws of The Virtual Chat, Its Hierarchy, Dos & Don'Ts, Etc.
In Brief, The Situation is Like That: without Being online, you can Talk & play Against Hundreds of virtual players. There are three Grades of Membership: Standard, Silver & Gold Differing Greatly in privileges. There are 8 Billiard Rooms, Hundreds of Members of Different Reputations & 8 Bosses, one for Each Room. You start as a player with 1-star Reputation. Winning Games in a chat Room, you win stars (up to 5) & In other case, stars are Forfeited & your Reputation May Drop till 0.
Chat Etiquette Gives Dos & Don'ts to Avoid a "Rara Avis" Status. For Example, chat Instead of Sitting & waiting, Don't Ask Higher Ranked players For a Game, or Don't Expect Conversation In Depth. I wonder if it's Because The AI is Not able to Generate Such, or just Because Billiard Roms' Community is Not a Dispute clubs' Members. Anyway,The Tips are Quite Useful.
What personally I've appreciated Most of ALL, is The Illustrated Techniques From Bosses. I'll certainly Try To Reproduce The Shots playing Billiard in The Nearest Future.
From what is Available To try, I can say That CueClub is a Carefully Developed, High-Quality product, with ALL Possible Nuances Taken into Account. Very Realistic, with a Gripping Idea & Advanced Graphics, it will Not Disappoint Stagers & Is Able To Catch Novices.

Cue Club  Snooker PC Game Full Version Free Download

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